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Integrating Dynamics Ax with TFS 2010–Part 2 (Preparing TFS for Dynamics Ax)


So here we are at the start of the process. In this step, we are going to prepare the TFS server so that it can accommodate Dynamics Ax.

In most Dynamics environments, there is a central server that host the AOS server (Axapta Object Server). This server is what creates global ID’s for Ax objects when they are created in the IDE.

For a distributed development environment, each development machine will host it’s own AOS server. However, to keep each developer machine from creating an ID that would clash with another developers, a central ID server is required. Dynamics Ax has a server that performs this function, called the Team ID Server, and this is what will be installed on the TFS server.

  • Install TFS 2010 as you would normally, setting up SharePoint and Reporting Server reports as required
  • Install a Dynamics Ax Team ID Server, either on the TFS server, or on another server. THe only requirement is that it can be accessed by the development machines, and that there is an available SQL server that can be used to store the data for the Team ID Server
  • Installing a Dynamics Ax Team ID Server

  • On the TFS Server, Insert the Dynamics Ax DVD and start the TeamServerSetup.exe. Accept the licence agreement and select Next


  • Enter the name of the server to use and select Next


  • Enter a name for the Team ID Server database and select Next


  • Accept the default name for the local group that will be created to give user access to the Team ID Server, then select Next


  • Accept the name in the warning dialog


  • Select Install


  • Select Finish when installation is finished


Add Developer Machines to the Dynamics Team Server Users Group

This needs to be done so that any user that attempts to authenticate with the Team ID Server can do so. By adding the machine name to the security group, any user originating from the machine are granted access to the Team ID Server.

  • Select Start –> Administrative Tools –> Server Manager


  • In the Tree View, navigate to the Server Manager –> Configuration –> Local Users and Groups –> Groups. Right-Click the Dynamics Team Server Users and select Properties


  • Select Add


  • Change the Object Type to include Computers



  • Select OK then enter the machine names of all developers that will be accessing the Team ID Server. Then select OK


And that is it for this post. the next post will be the first part of setting up a developer’s machine to user Dynamics Ax with TFS 2010.

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